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Malotwane Farmers Workshop


Malotwane Farmers Workshop

News Date : 01 June, 2022

Malotwane Farmers Workshop On 31st of May 2022, BUAN Diploma in Agricultural Extension students, held an annual workshop in collaboration with Malotwane farmers association. The theme of the Workshop was ‘Proper supply chain management’. The workshop was graced by the Chief of Malotwane and the District Attorney amongst other delegates. Facilitators on the day were different stakeholders including, LEA, BOBS, Department of Agriculture, Department of Agri-business as well as BUAN, who imparted knowledge on their products and services offered to farmers.

The keynote speaker was the District Attorney who put emphasis in the theme of the day, stressing the importance of supply chain management for agricultural produce. She said the processes from grains, seedlings until the final product to the consumer was vital hence farmers needed to improve the quality of their produce. She applauded the farmers’ association for coming up with the initiative for building a storehouse/warehouse and pledged government aid once the collection centre was established. She encouraged farmers to cooperate with each other to ensure quality produce adding that farming needs a lot of determination to produce quality and at the right quantities.

“Farming also requires proper planning as well as lots and lots of sleepless nights to get great results”, she stated. She went on to explain that implementation is key, and that great care is needed for high yields. Farmers need a lot of self-motivation, to motivate others, to being motivated by others, will help them stay focused in working hard to feed the nation. She encouraged all farmers to join forces to reach their dreams both at individual and team level.

The DC went on to explain that as the theme stated, there was need to bridge gaps in agriculture. “Gaps and challenges are always there; what matters most is how to curb them. What are we doing as farmers to bridge those gabs?” she asked. She advocated for cooperation amongst farmers to help each other and not rely on stakeholders like government and institutions. The DC said that she was aware that there was lack of market and that some schools were not buying produces as reports reaching her office, but they will keep issuing supporting letters to encourage for their produce to be bought. She said even though the roads were not up to standard, that should not discourage them, they should continue in their quest of feeding the nation.

Lastly, she encouraged them to have positive collaborations and that she pledges support as Government. She urged formation of Agric groups – same produce groups to help each other. Promotion of information sharing of agricultural issues, ideas and to open hearts to receive or look for information was stimulated. Groups will enable them to speak in one voice as farmers to collaborate and join hands and support one another. She encouraged the farmers to produce in high quality standards, so the final consumer gets quality. She also emphasised workshops for mentorship for better collaboration and quality control for better income and improved business performance.