22 May, 2020

Botswana university of Agriculture and Natural Resources has engaged five of its graduates in a horticulture incubation project which started in January 2020. The Business Development unit of the University offers mentorship in a form of technical advice, sales and marketing of their produce. The graduates use basic crop production technologies that utilizes less land to produce more yields of good quality produce as well as using less water through the drip irrigation system. It is through this project that our graduates are demonstrating that a profitable or high performance farming is achievable only if proper technologies are put into practice. Current crops planted are cabbage, tomatoes, green peppers and green mealies in a total two hectares. As at the 15th May 2020, the following harvests were made: Cabbage - 3760 kg; Tomatoes - 2443 kg; Green Peppers – 713. These produce have been sold to retailers such as Spar, Square Mart, Saverite, BDF and to individuals from the BUAN Farm Shop. It is anticipated that Green Mealies will be harvested from the 25th May 2020. The University is already in discussions with relevant stakeholders to develop value chain that will support food production in Botswana for sustainable food security.
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