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Faculty of Agri-Business, Education and Extension

The aim of this programme is to prepare graduates who are able to supply continuously updated science-based information that farmers and people in agriculture-related industries require to increase food production, and to increase quality of life in our rural set-up. At the end of this programme the graduates should be able:


  • To serve as trainers in various rural training and agricultural vocational centers in the country.
  • To plan, implement,  evaluate and monitor various agricultural development projects in the country.
  • To provide leadership in the process of participatory technology development and dissemination.
  • To mobilise people  for  implementing   agricultural development policies.
  • To participate in formation of relevant farmers’ groups.
  • To develop positive change in knowledge level, skills, attitudes and aspirations of people towards improving their quality of life.
  • To promote awareness of farmers on issues relating to agricultural production and development.
  • To organize and conduct extension meetings.
  • To take up farming as a business.
  • To serve as a link between farmers and government.
  • To produce competent agricultural education teachers for senior secondary schools.
  • To co-operate with other Departments in the Faculty of Agriculture and outside the faculty in training and producing high quality Agriculture teachers.
  • To combine theory and practice in all agricultural and education courses.
  • Analyze agricultural policy problems in relation to production and marketing.
  • Advise farmers on farm business management.
  • Conduct market research in the agricultural industry.