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Faculty of Animal and Veterinary Sciences

  • To train middle level cadre of staff capable of surveillance and evaluating livestock disease outbreaks and responding appropriately to such situations in collaboration with all stake holders.
  • To train, in conjunction with other department of the College, middle level manpower that can advise farmers on animal production and management practices.
  • To impart skills and positive attitude necessary for learners to venture into animal agricultural industry as entrepreneurs.
  • To train graduates with a strong foundation in science and practice of animal agriculture.
  • To produce graduates with specialization in ruminant animal production.
  • To train graduates with specialization in non- ruminant animal production.
  • To produce graduates with skills, knowledge and attitudes that will prepare them as entrepreneurs in the animal agriculture industry.
  • To produce graduates who can further their knowledge in animal science at post graduate level in order to prepare themselves for careers in research and teaching.