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03 May, 2024


Today we celebrate Ms Boago Angie Serumola, a courageous and resilient Entrepreneur, Food Technologist, who is the Founder and Director of Boasa Brands and Eco Foods respectively. She is also the Co-founder of Yummy Affairé and also a graduate from Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources with a Bachelor of Science - BS in Food Science and Technology. Boasa Brands is a Gaborone-based enterprise supplying both fresh produce and processed foods, with their mixed dried fruits, banana chips and mango strips as their most popular products. The business offers quality products at a convenient price and also boasts about its product as a healthy snack suitable for anyone as there is no sugar or preservatives added on them. Products can be purchased by order with a minimum of 5 packs or pass by plot 20634, block 3 industrial to get yourself a pack. You may also find them at Trans Cash & carry along old Lobatse road, Koncept store SSKIA and Hilton Garden Inn kiosk. For more information contact them on 72 480 104 or alternatively email them at

02 May, 2024

Professor Thoko Mayekiso, Vice Chancellor of the University of Mpumalanga welcomes Professor Mosepele and his delegation

The purpose of the visit was to discuss possible areas of collaboration between BUAN and UMP. As astudent-centric university, the UMP has progressed well in establishing a conducive learning environment for its core customers and students. The Vice Chancellor, Professor Ketlhatlogile Mosepele commended his counterpart on the excellentinitiatives implemented at UMP, some of which will be implemented at BUAN.   Further engagements were made at the Faculty of Agriculture & Natural Sciences to discuss potential areasfor collaboration. The team had an opportunity to tour the campus, including the Centre For Enter- preneurship Rapid Incubator and the UMP School for Hospitality and Tourism.

30 April, 2024


Tuesday 30 April 2024 marked the official beginning of a relationship between BUAN and LNDB. The two (2) institutions signed a Memorandum of Understanding to officialise a relationship that had started a year ago. The objectives of the MoU are to enable the Parties, from time to time, to cooperate in, inter alia, the following activities:  1. Collaboration in research and development projects, including development of joint proposals for funding; 2. Provision of technical assistance and professional advice by BUAN to LNDB on matters related to dairy cattle breeding and management; 3. Joint quality assurance and benchmarking of dairy herd improvement programmes and related schemes; 4. Co-operation on any other programmes of mutual benefit, as agreed upon by both parties. In addition, the Parties will collaborate in developing technology transfer and farmer capacity building programmes for Botswana and Lesotho in the following areas: 1. Performance recording of dairy cattle and goats; 2. Genetic improvement of dairy cattle and goats; 3. Nutrition and management of dairy cattle and goats; 4. Assisted reproductive technologies; 5. Health management of dairy cattle and goats; 6. Improvement of dairy processing; 7. Dairy value chain development. The VC in his remarks highlighted that the relationship will leverage on expertise at BUAN to facilitate the development of the Dairy sector in Lesotho. Furthermore the relationship will use entrepreneurship knowledge and experience to cultivate a dynamic and vibrant Dairy sector in Lesotho. The CEO of LNDB, Mr. Abiel Mashale commended BUAN in accepting the invitation from LNDB to collaborate in this initiative. He highlighted the importance of the collaboration to the Kingdom of Lesotho. Tasked with the mandate to mature the dairy industry in Lesotho, the LNDB will be able to comprehensively respond to national challenges in the dairy industry and make Lesotho dairy and dairy products secure. In conclusion, the Principle Secretary: Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security & Nutrition, Mr. Moshe Mosaase, commended LNDB and BUAN in this momentous event. He re-affirmed the Ministries commitment to supporting this initiative. #BUAN??‍??LNDB. #??‍??

29 April, 2024


The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Ketlhatlogile Mosepele and his delegation visited the Lesotho Agricultural College. The College was established primarily to offer programmes in agriculture at certificate and diploma level. The LAC is in the process of reviewing its operational mandate to expand its programme offerings to include degree programmes. To date BUAN has trained 11 Lesotho students at undergraduate and post graduate levels (Masters and PhD). The planned MoU between the two (2) institutions shall formalise the relationship between the BUAN and the LAC.  Thereafter the team paid a courtesy visit to the Principal Secretary: Ministry of Agriculture,Food Security & Nutrition, Mr Moshe Mosaase. The PS conveyed his sincere gratitude to BUAN for its continual assistance in progressing the mandate of the Ministry and improving the lives of Basotho. #BUAN ??‍??LAC. #??‍??

27 April, 2024

BUAN sends its students on an exchange program to Finland.

Student development is our priority here at BUAN, and one of the ways we achieve that is by providing opportunities for students to participate in projects and exchange programs. Festor Khibana and Matlhogonolo Shoti will be undertaking a study excursion to Finland for a one-week education mobility. This year’s mobility is on Adventure Education hosted by the University of Humak in Helsinki. The duo will be accompanied by Dr. Kgomotso Mabusa. The study excursion is under the Pedagogics of Biodiversity and Environmental Sustainability (PEBES) project, which was created by merging the strengths and needs of four universities in three countries: Finland (University of Humak and University of Turku); Botswana (Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources); and Namibia (University of Namibia). At BUAN, the project is coordinated by the Faculty of Natural Resources in collaboration with the Faculty of Agribusiness, Agricultural Extension, and Education, and funded by the Team Finland Knowledge Programme and the Finnish Ministry of Education.   The aim of the project is for future professional teachers, educators, and environmental experts to gain transdisciplinary knowledge and understanding of dynamics related to biodiversity and sustainability, and how to apply this knowledge in society with diverse pedagogical methods and in a global context. We wish Festor and Matlhogonolo a splendid time in Finland. We look forward to hearing all about their stay and what they have learned.

26 April, 2024

BUAN students Receive Recognition at World Intellectual Property Day Celebration 2024

Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources would like to congratulate its students Thobo Marcelino, Thero Dikgole and Koketso Piyo who made us proud during the World Intellectual Property Day 2024 celebration. The team stood among fellow innovators from across the country’s tertiary institutions, ready to share their project addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2024. The team presented their mosquito repellent prototype. Their innovation is a testament to the power of nature. They developed a mosquito repellent product using locally sourced materials. Their repellent was crafted from cow dung and infused with extracts from indigenous trees, which offers a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to conventional repellents. By combining traditional knowledge with modern science, their aim is to address the urgent need for effective mosquito control methods while minimizing environmental impact. They described their journey to World Intellectual Day 2024 as one  filled with challenges, but their passion and dedication kept them going. “Countless hours of research, experimentation, and collaboration led to the development of a prototype that exceeds expectations", said the trio “Despite fierce competition, our innovation has captured the attention of judges and spectators alike, earning us a well-deserved third-place position. This achievement not only brings recognition but also tangible rewards in the form of cash incentives for our project. Much more than that, it validates our hard work and dedication, reaffirming our belief in the power of innovation to create positive change", the team explained. They have newfound confidence and a shared vision for the future and are eager to continue their journey of innovation, knowing that their potential knows no bounds.

20 April, 2024

BUAN Animal Science Club making an impact in the community.

  The BUAN Animal Science Club participated at this year's Matlapaneng Field Day at Takatokwane on 20th Of April , hosted by the Matlapaneng Farmers' Group. The theme of the day was "COLLABORATION, SMART FARMING ARE KEY TO SUSTAINABLE COMMUNANAL FARMING ENTITIES".  The Club was led by Mr Malejane and its key responsibility was to advise the Takatokwane farming community on optimising readily available rangelands feed sources, diet formulation, disease control strategies and breed selection criteria

19 April, 2024


  Professor Mosepele and his delegation paid a courtesy visit to the President and CEO of ARC, Dr Litha Magingxa, and his team on Friday 19th April 2024.  The Agricultural Research Council is a premier science institution that conducts research with partners, develops human capital and fosters innovation to support and develop the agricultural sector. The two entities discussed a number of issues including, student-staff mobility, joint research, co-funding, commercialisation of research, digitilisation in Agriculture, establishment of centres of excellence to name but a few. The talks also touched on ongoing research projects between BUAN and the ARC in line with the objectives of the MOU. The meeting concluded with both parties committing to expanding the focus areas of the MOU for the benefit of the region.

17 April, 2024


  In a strategic move aimed at fostering collaboration and enhancing partnerships, Professor Ketlhatlogile Mosepele, Vice Chancellor of Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (BUAN), spearheaded a high-level delegation to the University of Pretoria on April 16, 2024. Accompanied by esteemed colleagues including Prof. Samodimo Ngwako, Mr. Kabelo Mosarwe, and Mr. Kealeboga Pifelo, the delegation engaged with the Director of the Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute (FABI) at the University of Pretoria, Professor Bernard Slippers, and his team. The visit commenced with an insightful overview of BUAN and its core mandate, paving the way for robust discussions on various topical issues shaping academia and research today. Among the focal points of discussion were: 1. Navigating Corporate-University Dynamics: Addressing the challenges and opportunities in the interface between big corporates and academic institutions. 2. Building Critical Mass through Networks: Emphasizing the significance of collaboration networks in driving impactful research and innovation. 3. Creating Value through Partnerships: Advocating for a focused and refined approach to partnership strategies to maximize mutual benefits. 4. Structural Streamlining: Exploring strategies to streamline university structures for enhanced focus and efficiency. 5. Consortia for Regional Challenges: Highlighting the importance of concerted efforts among universities to tackle common regional challenges through collaborative consortia. 6. Technology and Innovation: Acknowledging technology and innovation as catalysts for the advancement of agricultural institutions towards maturity. 7. Local Expertise in Research: Recognizing the pivotal role of local experts and scientists in shaping the trajectory of research in the region. 8. Enhancing Staff and Student Mobility: Discussing avenues for facilitating staff and student mobility to foster cross-pollination of ideas and expertise. 9. Intellectual Property Management: Addressing the management of intellectual property and facilitating technology transfer for broader societal impact. Following these enriching discussions, Professor Mosepele engaged in further dialogue with Professor Themba Mosia, Interim Vice Chancellor of the University of Pretoria, underscoring the mutual benefits of collaboration between both institutions. The visit culminated in a tour of the state-of-the-art research facilities at FABI, providing valuable insights into ongoing research endeavours and potential areas for future collaboration. The exchange between BUAN and the University of Pretoria signifies a commitment to fostering meaningful partnerships, driving innovation, and addressing regional challenges through collaborative efforts. As both institutions look towards the future, this visit marks a significant step in advancing academic excellence and societal impact through strategic collaborations.  

16 April, 2024


   BUAN hosted One Health (COHESA) workshop in Botswana led by Prof. Florah Meulenberg from Department of crop and soil sciences. The main objectives of the workshop is to map out the key one health stakeholders in Botswana and to identify skakeholders that will influence research, development, adoption and delivery of One Health solutions in Botswana. stay tuned as participants from various sectors, universities, wildlife experts, defense force members, water and sanitation specialists, and agriculture ministry officials continue to engage in dynamic discussions and brainstorming sessions