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News Date : 28 May, 2024


Today, 28th May 2024 marked yet another momentous day at BUAN as we signed an MOU with ISAGO Road to Recovery foundation. The Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs and Research, Prof Justin Chepete welcomed all attendants to witness the signing of the MOU by the two parties. “It is quite an interesting MOU particularly as ISAGO is an NGO with support services to people living with disabilities, and BUAN has people living with disabilities and embraces everyone”, said Prof Chepete. he stated that the MOU resonates well with the welfare of staff and students and will go a long way in touching lives and ensuring sustainable growth.
For his remarks, the Vice Chancellor, Prof Ketlhatlhogile Mosepele started by quoting Martin Luther King’s maxim that, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. Accept the things to which fate binds you and love the people with whom fate brings you together but do so with all your heart. We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools”. He, therefore, in that spirit of Dr King, urged all to celebrate, cherish and enshrine the moment.
The Isago Road to Recovery is a foundation for People Living With Disabilities (PLWDs), whose founder is Mr Benson Kuhlman, who is a person living with disability. It was through Self-actualization, Self-motivation and Self-awareness that Mr Benson Kuhlman realized that the sky is the limit regardless of his disability. Therefore, he founded this organisation to give hope to People Living With Disabilities. To him, there are limitless possibilities and opportunities out there.
In the strategic drive towards Sustainability, BUAN intends to be a University that values social inclusion. Inclusivity is intrinsic to the SDGs, and recognition and appreciation of People Living With Disabilities is core to this value. “Therefore, we can’t as a University have impact if we don’t embrace People Living With Disabilities; We can’t be an impactful University if we don’t engage People Living With Disabilities; We can’t be an inclusive University if we don’t interact with People Living With Disabilities; We can’t be a comprehensive University until we live with People Living With Disabilities”, emphasized the Vice Chancellor.
BUAN is deeply committed to empowerment of People Living With Disabilities. As a consequence of the MoU, BUAN will engage ISAGO to create an enabling environment, where People Living With Disabilities will have opportunities to learn and develop key life skills. Agriculture and Natural resources present a meaningful pathway for training and employment. “This MoU signifies our commitment to work with ISAGO towards creating a Sustainable Botswana. A Botswana where everyone has an equal opportunity to attain wealth, as enshrined in the Transformation Agenda”, said Prof Mosepele. 
Some of the objectives of this MoU include but are not limited to:
a)    Experiential learning opportunities for BUAN students and staff. 
b)    Joint activities, including public seminars, lectures and conferences.
c)    Resources sharing 
d)    Assistance in capacity building 
The Vice Chancellor concluded with speech with Albert Einstein’s “The future is an unknown, but a somewhat predictable unknown. He stated that to look to the future one must first look back upon the past. That is where the seeds of the future were planted.” Let us create the future that we want today. This MoU is the seed of the future that we want. Let us Nurture it, Care for it, Nourish it, so that it lives to its potential. 
Benson Kuhlman, the Founder and Director of ISAGO Road to Recovery Foundation thanked God for the special occasion and thanked BUAN management for the opportunity to forge the partnership and implement the objectives of the MOU.  
Mrs. Rebecca Mgadla, the Deputy Vice Chancellor thanked all for attending the signing of the MOU adding that it affirms BUAN’s strategic intent and that it was a testimony that the university has embraced the DSGs. She specially thanked the Vice Chancellor for his wisdom and guidance in cultivating a legacy of hope through his care for vuneral or disadvantaged people like women and people living with disabilities by striving for their inclusivity. She urged all to nurture the seed that was planted today by owning up to the MOU and ensure implementation.