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News Date : 26 April, 2024

BUAN students Receive Recognition at World Intellectual Property Day Celebration 2024

Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources would like to congratulate its students Thobo Marcelino, Thero Dikgole and Koketso Piyo who made us proud during the World Intellectual Property Day 2024 celebration. The team stood among fellow innovators from across the country’s tertiary institutions, ready to share their project addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2024. The team presented their mosquito repellent prototype. Their innovation is a testament to the power of nature. They developed a mosquito repellent product using locally sourced materials. Their repellent was crafted from cow dung and infused with extracts from indigenous trees, which offers a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to conventional repellents. By combining traditional knowledge with modern science, their aim is to address the urgent need for effective mosquito control methods while minimizing environmental impact.

They described their journey to World Intellectual Day 2024 as one  filled with challenges, but their passion and dedication kept them going. “Countless hours of research, experimentation, and collaboration led to the development of a prototype that exceeds expectations", said the trio

“Despite fierce competition, our innovation has captured the attention of judges and spectators alike, earning us a well-deserved third-place position. This achievement not only brings recognition but also tangible rewards in the form of cash incentives for our project. Much more than that, it validates our hard work and dedication, reaffirming our belief in the power of innovation to create positive change", the team explained. They have newfound confidence and a shared vision for the future and are eager to continue their journey of innovation, knowing that their potential knows no bounds.