Strategy 2019-2024

We will enable transformation of the agricultural and natural resource sectors by 2024, producing competitive and high caliber graduates.

Strategic Themes

The strategic themes are major thrusts with which BUAN will accomplish its strategic intent. Strategic themes are also those critical crosscutting and mutually achievable factors that are supportive of the vision. The following strategic themes were adopted:

a)    High quality relevant education and training

b)   Academic excellence and professionalism

c)    Partnerships

d)   Lifelong learning

e)    Growth and sustainability


Strategic Themes Objectives (2018 – 2024)



Strategic themes


Strategic objectives


1.   High quality relevant education and training

1.1 To develop diversified programmes aligned with industry requirements

1.2 To develop high academic standards and research capabilities





2.   Academic excellence and professionalism

2.1 To develop high academic standards and research capabilities

2.2 To promote innovation  and strategic use of technology

2.3 To develop appropriate infrastructure

2.4 To improve service delivery

2.5 To attract, develop and retain talent


3.   Partnerships

3.1 To develop collaborative partnerships (local, regional and international)



4. Lifelong learning

4.1To develop appropriate infrastructure

4.2To develop a conducive environment for both students, staff and other stakeholders





5. Growth and


5.1 To promote innovation  and strategic use of technology

5.2 To develop appropriate infrastructure

5.3 To promote safety, health and environmental awareness

5.4 To improve service delivery

5.5 To diversify revenue streams

5.6 To manage operational cost

5.7 To identify and mitigate against risk

5.8 To grow student enrolment


Strategy Execution

1)   University Council

a)    Approves and takes ownership of the strategy

b)    Resourcing and Monitoring of the implementation of the strategy


2)   Vice Chancellor

a)    Delegated responsibility by Council on the execution of the strategy through appropriate structures

b)   Manages risk and enforce appropriate mitigation measures

c)    Periodical reporting to Council


3)   Strategy Office

i)     Aligns corporate performance with individual performance management system

ii)   Supports the implementation of the strategy

iii)  Makes recommendations on strategy related issues to management

iv)  Serves as liaison and constituent for represented user community

v)    Keep the user community of the strategy status and progress

vi)  Ensure accurate reporting of project portfolios and relevant scorecards

vii) Ensures alignment to defined governance standards

viii)       Conducts coaching and mentoring the University staff on strategy


b)   Analytical Teams

i)     Functional specialists in the University providing information and research on business, as well as scanning environment to inform the strategy

ii)   Adopting a rolling forecast to ensure assumptions remain relevant to the University Strategic Focus.


c)    Core Teams

(a)  Consisting of Senior Management across the functions working full time on the themes and objectives;

d)   Change Agents:

(a)  To effectively enforce change through appropriate tools across the University.

(b)  To effectively communicate issues related to the BUAN Strategy to staff.

(c)  Lead the Value planting at Department/Senior level

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