Faculty of Sciences (FoS)

Teaching and Program Offerings

The Faculty of Sciences (FoS), is one of the recently established faculties in Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (BUAN).  The mandate of the faculty is to advance the BUAN’s mission of ‘producing market-ready graduates for the agriculture and natural resources sectors’. The Faculty will achieve this by laying a solid foundation of sciences for all the University’s science based academic programmes and developing and offering relevant science based programmes.  Structurally the Faculty has three (3) departments namely Biological Sciences (BS), Biometry and Mathematics (BM) and Physical and Chemical Sciences (PCS).

Currently, FoS is a supporting faculty offering courses in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Computer Skills Fundamentals to all level 100 students. The faculty also teaches higher level undergraduate science courses and graduate courses for programmes offered in other faculties. Currently FoS does not have any programmes but is developing new qualifications in the areas of biology, chemistry and mathematical sciences at undergraduate and graduate levels.


To contribute to producing market ready graduates relevant to the agriculture and natural resources sectors, the Faculty has well experienced qualified academic staff (12 PhD and 11 MSc holders) some of whom use the latest methods of teaching such as e-learning. The academic staff is supported by qualified and experienced technical staff holding B.Tec, MPhil and MSc qualifications. The faculty staff complement has some international flavor with some originating from different countries and others having been trained at recognized regional and international universities.   


Staff is also engaged in research either on their own, in collaboration with others within the BUAN or others internationally. The research skills are imparted to students through engaging them and supervising of final year research projects.  Some of the thematic areas where staff have conducted research are heavy metals, epidemiology, climate change, vegetation types and medicinal plants. 

Community Service

Faculty members are also engaged in providing service to the community through different activities some of which are (i) Remedial Teaching in Senior Secondary Schools (ii) Judging at secondary School Mathematics and Sciences Fairs and (iii) Involvement in international events such as International Junior Science Olympiad.  


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