The Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (BUAN) and the Local Enterprise Authority (LEA) MOU.

16 June, 2020

The Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (BUAN) and the Local Enterprise Authority (LEA), signed a Memorandum of Understanding as a declaration of their commitment to cooperate in the field of education and entrepreneurship. The two organisations have been working closely together prior to the signing of this particular MOU. By engaging in this MOU, it means that both organisations’ stand will be to broaden the scope of their activities in pursuit of enhancing curricular for training in agriculture and natural resources, as well as in entrepreneurship development which will be accomplished through promoting incubators and improving training of BUAN graduates. Dr Jasper Rees, the Vice Chancellor of BUAN said that, Botswana needs to open up for business orientated training, which will create more opportunities for young people, and this MOU will provide access for entrepreneurship opportunities especially in horticulture and leather technology. He said that there is a need to invest in extensive research because one may have a Doctorate in a particular discipline but that does not make him an expect in technology as it constantly changes. In addition to Dr Rees’ thought on investing in extensive research, Dr Recious Moatshe, Chief Executive Officer of LEA said that LEA has adopted a new business model which is designed to be flexible such that it can cope with the changes that are imminent in the business sectors, hence having identified BUAN as a strategic partner. The collaboration will focus on Skills development in the agriculture and natural resources sectors; capacity building and provision of targeted interventions to develop the SMME sector; provision of business advisory, mentorship and training needed to capacitate BUAN students and graduates; research and development as well as provision of facilities to benefit both LEA and BUAN business objectives. Following the signing of this MOU, LEA and BUAN’s technical Teams will implement all initiatives they have signed up for and ensure an impactful outcome. The agreement assumes the following conditions for collaboration: • Support and advice LEA on curriculum development and training in areas of agriculture and natural resources. • Provision of technical support to LEA assisted enterprises, in order to close identified technical gaps. • Provision of facilities for LEA assisted enterprises wherever feasible. • Referrals of graduating students to LEA for enrolment in entrepreneurship programs. While LEA assumes the following responsibilities; • Provide capacity building in basic & advanced business interventions to the programme beneficiaries. • Provision of facilities for BUAN students and graduates where required. • Provide business advisory, mentoring and training needed to capacitate BUAN students and graduates.

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