30 June, 2020

BEST HERBS BY ONIAS FARMS Esinah Onias, a BUAN 2017 Graduate and top achiever of Bsc in Soil and Water Conservation Engineering is the Founder of Onias Farms (Pty) Ltd. The company was founded in February 2018 as a back yard garden and the whole idea behind the project was to help address the shortage of agri produce and employment in Botswana. During the development of the farm/backyard garden, she discovered that people were becoming cautious of their health and were also wery of the hazardousness of consuming chemically produced vegetables, hence this pushed her into the strict organic herb and vegetable production. Esinahs is currently producing spinach, salad mix, a variety of herbs like wild rocket, parsley, oregano, fennel, dill, thyme, rosemary, chamomile, chives, coriander, mint, catnip mint and sage. All this produce is harvested, cleaned, packaged and supplied to individuals, restaurants and supermarkets. "The main challenges experienced by Onias Farms is under supplying due to shortage of land", narrated Esina. In mid 2018, the demand for produce increased thus the need for more land. She approached BUAN for assistance and was enrolled into the BUAN Agripreneur Program which took her thorough mentorship and business development. Onias started production in June 2019. She managed to increase production and met the then market demand. The demand for herbs is still very high countrywide and the company wishes to reach the supply demand target one day. Ms Esina Onias's words to aspiring Agriprenuers was, "Agri-business demands a lot of patience, passion and love. Give your plants love and attention and they will always love you back and more❤️. Never give up on your dream and/or calling no matter how hard the going gets.Work hard because we will always live off Agriculture."
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