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News Date : 23 February, 2023


The University’s Strategic Plan “Inspiring a Sustainable Growth” was approved by Council in January 2022. The Strategy set the direction for the University for the latter part of the NDP11 Plan Period (2023) to the mid-point of the NDP 12 Plan Period (2026).


The appointment of a new Vice Chancellor, the effective transfer to the Ministry of Education and Skills Development and the re-alignment of the National Planning Cycle, with NDP12 commencing as from April 2025, preceded by a Transitional Plan (2023-2025), provides an opportunity to review the current Strategic Plan and, if required, re-align the Strategy to the new current reality.


The retreat will commenced with an assessment of BUAN’s Strategy Management Maturity , followed by a  review of the  “Big Picture” to determine if the Strategy is still valid. This is to be followed by a deep dive to examine the more granular details of the strategic plan including objectives, measures, targets and initiatives.


The outcome of the retreat will provide a high-level overview of the progress in implementing the University Strategy and answers to the following key questions:


a)     ‘How well is the institution performing?’

b)    ‘Are we doing the right things?’

c)     ‘Are we doing things, right?’

d)    ‘What should we be doing in the future?’