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News Date : 09 March, 2023


Today BUAN and the Turkish embassy celebrated the success of BUAN graduate students Chandapiwa Moses, Ompelege Keolopile Matenanga and Kelebonye Ramolekwa  who will be participating in the Erasmus+ is the European Union  Programme in Turkey they will be based in Gaziantep University . This programme  focuses in the fields of education, training, youth and sport from 2021-2027. It offers inclusive education, training, informal and nonformal learning, ultimately equip participants with the qualifications and skills needed for their contribution in society.


BUAN-GUAP Student & Staff Exchange Program bilateral engagement between BUAN and Gaziantep university emanated from the current challenges of shortages of state-of-the-art infrastructure for research. This initiative will enhance BUAN’s innovative initiatives towards becoming a research-intensive university. This programme is also inclusive of staff. In that respect an Erasmus+ student and staff mobility Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) between BUAN and GUAP was signed in January 2023. This Memorandum of Agreement entails student training and research internship for at least 3 months with the Food Engineering Department-Gaziantep University. The department specialises on grain analysis and food processing; hence the students will be engaged with metabolomics profiling and food processing analysis of their PhD research samples.


Kelebonye’s Project title: Dissecting gamma irradiated induced polygenic mutations associated to yield and nutritional value in cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) where she investigates the induced genetic variability and nutritional value of gamma irradiated cowpea mutants to inform their food applicability. Her objective is to identify the induced change in anti-nutritional factors (ANFs) associated with the inhibition of digestibility and bioavailability of nutrients in gamma irradiated cowpea mutant


Ompelege ‘s  Projet is titled: Development of functional yoghurt using indigenous plant extracts in Botswana she intends to develop functional yoghurts enriched with extracts from indigenous plants in Botswana namely, Morula (Sclerocarya birrea), Moretologa (Ximenia americana), Mowana (Adansonia digitata) and Mogose (Bauhinia petersiana) and analyse its quality characteristics. She will analyze nutritional and phytochemical composition of Morula, mowana, mogose and moretologa . And to Develop functional yoghurt enriched with indigenous plant extracts and evaluate it in terms of physico-chemical composition, sensory, functional, and microbiological properties. Furthermore, she will assess shelf stainability of developed functional yoghurts during storage.


Chandapiwa’s project title: Malted sorghum grains as energy source for layers and effects of herbaceous legumes on egg quality. The objective of her study is to investigate the effects of malted sorghum grains and influence of herbaceous legumes on nutrient digestibility and egg quality of layer chickens reared in cages. She will Investigate the effects of partial replacement of maize grains with graded levels of malted sorghum grains on nutrient digestibility of layer chickens reared under the cages system and the effects of incorporating herbaceous legume in malted sorghum diets on nutrient digestibility of layer chickens reared under the cage system. She will assess the effects of partial replacement of maize grains with graded levels of malted sorghum grains on egg production and quality traits of layer chickens reared under the cages system. Thereafter, Assess the effects of herbaceous legume incorporated into malted sorghum diets on egg production and quality traits of the layer chickens Parameters to be analyzed on sorghum (malted and unmalted) and maize grains prior to feed formulation


Speaking at the meeting with the new Turkish Ambassador His Excellency Ahmet Idem Akay said that he was happy for the students who will be travelling to visit Turkey and hopes for more activities in the pipeline between BUAN and Turkey will come to reality.  Present at this meeting was was the Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof Othusitse Madibela , who added on to say that this came at an opportune time and hopes for further interactions with the Embassy.