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News Date : 06 April, 2023


The Communication and Marketing department interviewed Prof Fanta, who is the Dean of Faculty of Natural Resources in BUAN, to get more insight on being ranked number one amongst best scientist in Botswana.

“It gives me great Professional pride and personal pleasure to  inform you that according to the just released 2023 Edition of its Ranking of Best Scientists in the field of Ecology and Evolution,, a leading academic platform for researchers, has informed me that ‘I have ranked #1 in Botswana among best scientists and #1875 in the world’ said Prof Fanta with a beaming smile. The ranking is based on D-index (Discipline H-index) metric, which only includes papers and citation values for an examined discipline. The ranking includes only leading scientists with D-index of at least 30 for academic publications made in the area of Ecology and Evolution.

The Discipline H-index (D-index) is calculated by considering only the publications and their citation values deemed to belong to an examined discipline. The h-index is a measure used to indicate the impact and productivity of a researcher based on how often his/her publications have been cited. is the number one research portal for science rankings. Its mission is to make it easier for professors, research fellows, and those studying for a PhD or a master’s degree to progress with their research and to ensure they are always up-to-date with the latest conferences around the world and publications related to their work. It is also involved in the publication of an annual ranking of leading scientists in a wide range of scientific disciplines (, accessed on 03 April, 2023). features an impressive list of best scientists ranked by their D-index and number of citations, which are compiled from various bibliometric data sources.

I believe that my ranking has been a result of scrutiny of my bibliometric profiles obtained from my google Scholar citation profile (, accessed on 03 March 2023), ResearchGate profile (, accessed on 03 March 2023) and Scopus Profile (, accessed on 03 March 2023).

“My Google Scholar citation Profile displays a total of 320 publications with cumulative citations of 12,027, h-index of 65 and i10-index of 162); my ResearchGate Profile displays 287 research items (articles = 209, books = 9, book chapters = 24, conference articles = 30, Thesis = 1, data = 5, research presentation = 1, poster preprint = 8); my Scopus Profile  (, accessed on 03 March 2023) demonstrates 133 publications with 4, 627 documents cited by 3,236 documents and h-index of 43,” explained Prof Fanta.

The full ranking for Botswana is available from while the full world ranking is available from

Congratulations Prof Fanta on this tremendous achievement!!!