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News Date : 21 November, 2023

Memorandum Of Understanding between Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (BUAN) and Botswana Vaccine Institute (BVI)

Speaking today at the signing of the MOU with Botswana Vaccine Institute, BUAN Vice Chancellor Professor Ketlhatlogile Mosepele said that the fact that BVI believes that the key to unlocking the vast potential in the Livestock sector is through the prevention of diseases that hamper the optimum growth of this sector for the benefit of Batswana. It means that, BUAN and BVI are indeed perfectly aligned. He said that, it is only fitting therefore, that BUAN and BVI should leverage on each other’s relative strengths, for the benefit of Batswana. BVI has expertise in Manufacturing and Commercialisation of animal vaccines. BUAN is well endowed with Research and Development resources. BUAN has the highest number of veterinarians with PhD degrees in Botswana. Therefore, a collaboration between the two should and will facilitate a significant growth in vaccine development within Botswana’s Livestock sector. BUAN has considerable expertise in Livestock diseases. Therefore, this MoU will facilitate BVI’s access to this repository of knowledge for the benefit of Botswana’s cattle industry.
To add-on to what Prof. Mosepele said, Mr Andrew Madeswi the Chief Executive Officer of BVI said that there is a Natural alignment of the two bodies that are crucial towards shaping the agricultural future of Botswana, through Innovation and Research and Development on animal health. He said that in the current fast paced evolving world of animal health, it is highly imperative thay institutions such as BUAN and BVI collaborate to find ways to partner to optimize capacity and mobilize recourses for the growth of the sector.
The Duo’s intend to collaborate on a pre-agreed basis, in order to benefit their respective research and teaching activities, and to further the internationalisation of both institutions. 
The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is to establish a framework within which co-operation may develop between the two institutions. Co-operation between the two institutions may include such activities as: 
Exchanges of staff;
Hosting students as Interns or research scholars
Joint research activities, including seminars, conferences and public lectures;
Exchange of publications, academic materials and other information;
Teaching and supervision of graduate students.
Specific programmes or activities will be undertaken under this MoU only after a written agreement has been concluded by the institutions.