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News Date : 02 February, 2024

Professor Wame Lucretia Hambira speaks at the World Wetlands Day webinar

We take great pleasure in announcing that Professor Wame Lucretia Hambira had the privilege to speak at this year’s World Wetlands Day webinar organised by the Botswana Climate Change Network (BCCN) on 2nd February 2024.  The theme for this year was “Wetlands and Wellbeing: Exploring the potential for climate resilience and adaptation”. The objectives of the Webinar were to raise awareness about the importance of wetlands in the local climate agenda, discuss national strategies for the conservation and protection of wetlands. Furthermore, to determine how different stakeholders could work together to advance wetland protection in a way that enhances livelihoods and human wellbeing.

Wame Hambira an Associate Professor of Environmental Management here at Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources indicated that Wetlands play a pivotal role in Botswana's economy and community livelihoods and studies show that some of the wetlands are vulnerable to climate change. She said that, conserving wetlands helps to mitigate against climate change and build resilience in pursuit of human wellbeing. She asked the audience to take a moment and think about the ecosystem goods and services derived from the Okavango Delta, water falls of the Moremi gorge, Gaborone Dam, Chobe River, Lake Ngami, Notwane River and other wetlands in the country. She asked them to imagine what would become of the country’s economy and rural livelihoods should the ecosystem services provided by these iconic wetlands be disrupted by either natural or anthropogenic drivers including climate change and pollution. This would have a negative impact on the communities would bear the brunt. 

The university appreciates all those who joined in on the webinar, since their contributions were valuable, and will  translate into positive actions.