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News Date : 06 February, 2024


In a testament to the efficacy of the INCU-HIVE programme offered by BUAN, Mr. Kagiso Gabafediwe, a graduate, celebrated a significant milestone today as he received the handover of four pigs.The event marked the end of his journey with the INCU-HIVE programme which started back in January 2021.
When the INCU-HIVE programme commenced, the institution initially had a few pigs primarily for educational purposes, aiding in the practical learning experience for students. However, under Kagiso's stewardship and the resources provided by BUAN, the piggery venture has flourished, now boasting of over 150 pigs.
During the handover ceremony, Dr Israel Legwaila iterated that the INCU-HIVE, a three year entrepreneurship incubation programme at BUAN aims to develop BUAN graduates into bussiness men and women who can run succesful and sustainable  enterprises with cofidence. He further stated that upon completion,  the programme provides benefits to graduates as a motivation towards migration of their enterprises out of the University. The case in point now being the handover of four pregnant sows to Kagiso. For his part, Mr. Monkgogi Motladile, who directly supervises licestock enterprises, extended his congratulations to Kagiso, acknowledging his pivotal role in the growth of the piggery venture within the INCU-HIVE programme. He emphasized the importance of Kagiso's dedication and encouraged him to continue his efforts, expressing optimism for the future of "Bantaro Porkers" (Kagiso's bussiness name) products in retail stores.
In his closing remarks, Director, Business Development Mr Kealeboga Pifelo urged fellow INCU-HIVE participants to draw inspiration from Kagiso's journey and emphasized the importance of hard work and utilizing available resources, including government youth programs, to establish themselves post-INCU-HIVE.
Expressing his gratitude, Kagiso thanked BUAN for the opportunity and pledged to continue his pursuit of excellence. Reflecting on the initial challenges he faced, he highlighted the growth and transformation witnessed within the BUAN INCU-HIVE programme.
Mr. Gabafediwe's journey underscores the effectiveness of the INCU-HIVE programme in nurturing entrepreneurial talent among BUAN graduates. With institutional support and dedication, he has transformed an entreprenurial incubation initiative into edge to run thriving piggery venture. His success serves as an inspiration for future participants, demonstrating the potential for growth and achievement within the BUAN INCU-HIVE community. BUAN wishes Kagiso all the best in his endeavour