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News Date : 09 March, 2024

BUAN participation Boteti West Cattle Management & Industry Expo


The BUAN multi-disciplinary team attended the Boteti West Cattle Management & Industry Expo held at Rakops on Saturday 9 March 10, 2024. BUAN participated in response to invitation by the BUAN Chancellor and His Honor, The Vice President Mr Slumber Tsogwane who was also the guest speaker. The event could not have been initiated at a better time due to the impending serious drought anticipated in the Boteti district and most of the country. The invitation of BUAN is in recognition of the role BUAN is playing and is expected to continue playing in the development of capacity in agriculture, food and sustainable natural resources utilization in Botswana.


According to the organizers invitation, “The purpose of the cattle exposition involves the use of live demonstration, exposition interventions and communication of information in order to induce positive change on how farmers view cattle/beef production to improve their cattle herd and quality and in the process ensure that Boteti contributes to food security in Botswana.” Further to this statement, the program content sought BUAN to share research findings relevant to cattle production and research findings agricultural livelihoods in general.  To this end, the composition of the BUAN reflected the specializations and holistic approach the University has embarked on to make its contribution to education, training, research and service to the communities.


Professor Kebatenne Hulela of Agricultural Education was the Head Of Delegation for the day. Other members included Mr Mathengwane of Crop and Soil Science, Ms Masule from Academic and Student Services, Mr Motladiile from BUAN Farm Enterprise and Mr Ditlhokwa from CICE. The stall was equipped with a poster, specimens of feed ingredients, a cattle pregnancy diagnosis kit, and display of leaflets and flyers for academic programmes and short courses. The day was spent sharing information about BUAN services, an overview of BUAN mandate and demonstrating how to make feed blocks for ruminants.