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News Date : 22 March, 2024

BUAN signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Hokkaido University’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

On March 22, 2024, a significant moment in BUAN’s history occurred as we signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Hokkaido University’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. This collaboration signifies a step towards shared progress and achievement. We look forward to leveraging the expertise and knowledge from Hokkaido University to facilitate academic growth at BUAN.

It is worth noting that Japan is well-known for the quality of its beef. Wagyu beef is a delicacy in the global culinary world and one of the most expensive meats. That notwithstanding, Botswana beef is also known for its top quality. Our free-range, grass-fed cattle produce full-flavored lean beef that is a delight to eat. It might not be at the level of Wagyu, but it is certainly enough to excite and titillate the taste buds. No wonder it has high demand in the European Union, among others. Therefore, the quality of our beef speaks of more similarities between Botswana and Japan.

This MoU forms the foundation of a strategic partnership between BUAN and Hokkaido University that will help us realize one of our major growth areas. Recently, the BUAN Governing Council approved the establishment of a School of Veterinary Medicine, which is part of the implementation of the BUAN Strategic Plan. Therefore, this collaboration with Hokkaido University's Faculty of Veterinary Medicine will facilitate the establishment of our program. This will address the acute shortage of veterinarians, not only in Botswana but also in the SADC region and elsewhere.

The signing was followed by a seminar with the following topics:

1. Concept Note: Establishment of Vet School - Prof. S. Ramabu

2. Lead Contamination Research in Zambia - Ms. Rio Doya

3. Introduction of Hokkaido University + Previous Collaboration Works with Africa - Prof. Z.M. Ishizuka