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Ag Director :

Dr Kerapetse Sehularo



The Meat Industry Training Institute (MITI) was established in 1984 through an agreement between Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), Rome (working in conjuction with the government of Denmark) and the government of Botswana. At that point it was called the Regional Training Centre for Meat Inspectors and Meat Technologists in Africa.

In 1991, the FAO handed over running of the training institute to the govermentof Botswana and managed by the Department of Veterinary Services of the Ministry of Agriculture. The institution was re-named Meat Inspection Training Centre (MITC). In order to enhance the academic profile of the institute so as to meet the demands of  its main stakeholders, the Institute was taken-over by the Botswana College of Agriculture now Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources on the 01 st of April 2012. Since its establishment, over 1,900 participants from 45 African countries have undergone training at the Institute. MITI also recieved students from the European Union on internship programme in the area of Veterinary Public Health.

MITI Strategic Intent

MITI envisages becoming a Centre of Excellence for the meat industry in Africa. The Institute will focus on cutting edge research and training. The institute  will interact with its stakeholders through provision of excellent service in the areas of accommodation, abattoir services, meat and meat related consultancies and events hosting . This is in line with BUAN vision-mission of vibrant world class university that produces market ready graduates for agricultural and natural sectors.

Existing Programmes

  1. Certifcate in Meat Inspection: A six (6) months intensive programme with focus on food safety management system (HACCP) in particular meat and meat products, meat inspection, animal welfare, zoonosis, animal health and food safety legislation. 

Upcoming  academic  programmes: expected to be offered in academic year 2021

  1. Diploma in Meat Inspection: (DMI)
  2. Diploma in Leather Products Manufacturing Technology: (DLPMT)
  3. Diploma in Meat Processing Technology: (DMPT)

Short courses: expected to be offered in academic year 2020

  1. Refresher course for meat Inspectors
  2. Meat Handlers Course Level 1
  3. Meat Handlers Course Level 2
  4. Meat Handlers Course Level 3
  5. Meat Processing Course Level 1

Reaserch focus

  1.  Food safety especially meat and meat products
  2. Meat science
  3. Animal welfare
  4. Animal health
  5. Legislation

Contact details

Postal Address:

Meat industry Training Institute

Private Bag 45 


Physical Address:


Plot 13725

Telephone number: +267 5330671

FAX: +267 5332259