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Department of Wildlife and Aquatic Resources (WAR)


Prof. Ditiro B. Moalafhi
HOD of Wildlife and Aquatic Resources (WAR)

"Welcome to the Department of Wildlife and Aquatic Resources (WAR) of the Faculty of Natural Resources (FNR). WAR is an academic department that exists to provide higher education, training and research in the field of wildlife and aquatic resources. WAR provides excellence in the delivery of learning to ensure that it produces quality graduates for the society through innovative teaching and research. The department supports BUAN’s mission by encouraging excellence and innovation in teaching, research/scholarship, student development and community engagement. WAR’s staff includes outstanding scientists and experts in a variety of disciplines and fields, all of whom are enthusiastically committed to providing BUAN’s undergraduate and graduate students with a top-quality education. Our research maintains its foundation in disciplinary and interdisciplinary strengths that speaks to citizen science across various communities, for which sustainable development, poverty reduction, food security and benefits of natural resources across value chains, are realized. WAR research efforts seek to produce innovative, transformative and lasting solutions to the current and future multidisciplinary global challenges."