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Dr Bonno Sekwati-Monang


Dr Bonno Sekwati-Monang

Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Agriculture
Department of Food Science and Technology

P/Bag 0027, Gaborone Botswana




Degree / Diploma

Completion Year

University of Alberta


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Food Science

PhD in Food Sciences (specialized in Food Microbiology)


University of Reading


Reading, United Kingdom

Food Technology- Quality Assurance



University of Nottingham


Nottingham, United Kingdom

Agriculture and Food Sciences (Food,Microbiology)

Bachelor of Science- Honours,


University of Botswana in Association with Institute of Health Sciences,


Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences





Course code

Name of course

FSB 310


Food Microbiology

FSB 324


Food Quality and Safety

FSB 412


Beverage Science and Technology

FSB 420


Food Biotechnology


APB 410/420

Research Projects 1& 2


·      Investigation of heavy metal hazards status and their potential health risk in vegetables irrigated with waste- water


·      Survey of indigenous foods in three districts of Botswana with potential for the development of functional foods


·      Survey and microbial studies of kgodu ya lerotse; a traditional fermented melon of Botswana for commercial exploitation

·      Microbiological analysis of different food products

·      Characterization of microbial flora and documentation of indigenous fermented foods of


Development of probiotics from indigenous fermented foods of Botswana and evaluation of their diarrhoea mitigation potentials


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Tiroyamodimo Semanka, Eyassu Seifu and Bonno Sekwati-Monang. 2022. Effects of Moringa oleifera seeds on the physicochemical properties and microbiological quality of borehole water from Botswana. Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development Vol 12 No 9, 659 doi: 10.2166/washdev.2022.100


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