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Mr John Gwamba


Mr John Gwamba

Senior Instructor

Faculty of Agriculture
Department of Food Science and Technology

P/Bag 0027, Gaborone Botswana
+267 3650539

University of Pretoria, South Africa, MSc Food Science, 2016.

Cardiff Metropolitan University, United Kingdom, BSc (H) Food Science and Technology 2009.

University of Botswana, Bachelor of Science, Botswana, 2006.

Food Analysis (FSB 312), Edible Oils and Fats Science and Technology (FSB 411), Fruit and Vegetable Processing (FSB 326), Food Packaging (ELB 414) and Food Product Development and Evaluation (FSB 421).

Keen researcher, actively involved in various departmental and university research activities and publications. Special research interest on exploring recent advances in food technology, food functionality (bioactive compounds, food composition and food characterization) and food product development.


Gwamba, J., Kruger, J., Taylor, J.R.N. 2019. Influence of grain quality characteristics and basic processing technologies on the mineral and antinutrient contents of iron and zinc biofortified open‐pollinated variety and hybrid‐type pearl millet. International Journal of Food Science and Technology, 55 (4): 1547-1558. DOI Link:


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Kobue-Lekalake, R.I., Matenanga, O.K., Sekwati-Monang, B., Tibe, O., Bultosa, G., Seifu, E., Molapisi, M., Batlhophi, M.G., Gwamba, J., Sonno, K., Mokhawa, G., Phakama, T., Setlhoka, D., and Haki, G.D. 2022. Indigenous and under-utilised oil seeds of Botswana: proximate composition, phytochemical screening and antioxidant activity. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research. Vol. 13 (10): 4093-4101.

Maakelo, P.K., Bultosa, B., Kobue-Lekalake, R.I., Gwamba, J., Sonno, S. 2021. Effects of watermelon pulp fortification on maize mageu physicochemical and sensory acceptability. Heliyon 7, e07128.

Molefe, K., Lekalake, R.K., Sekwati-Monang, B., Selebatso, T., Setlalekgomu, M.R., Sonno, K., Gwamba, J., Tsaone, P., Haki, GD. 2021. Proximate composition and determination of the physicochemical characteristics of Mmilo (Vangueria infausta) oil from Botswana. Greener Journal of Biological Sciences Vol. 11(1), pp. 30-36.


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