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Kgomotso Mabusa


Kgomotso Mabusa

Seniour Lecturer

Faculty of Agri-Business, Education and Extension
Department of Agricultural Education, Extension and Rural Development

Private Bag 0027

Qualifications: PhD ed from University of Nottingham, UK: MSc, BSc and Diploma in Agricultural Education from UNISWA.

Experience: Have profound experience in Teacher Education (Pre- and In-service training of teachers. Taught from secondary school level up to MSc level at tertiary institution level.

Have had opportunity to be at positions of responsibility as Senior Teacher, Deputy Headmaster, Senior Education Officer (In-service training),  Principal Education Officers (Pre-service): Overseeing practical subject at Colleges of Education in Botswana and currently HoD in the department of Agricultural Education , Extension and Rural Development.

Have had the opportunity to lead Agriculture National Panel (2019-date) for the development of the Multiple pathways Agriculture Curriculum and serves in the Agriculture Advisory Committee at Botswana Examinations Council. Led development of academic programmes in the department

Have experience in conducting social science research in areas of education and extension.

Conducted consultancy work in the areas of education including that involving:

The evaluation of the Botswana Junior Secondary Education Curriculum as per request by Ministry of Education , department of Curriculum Design, Development and Evaluation (Work completed- March 2022)

The development of specialized competency-based agriculture teaching curriculum for the blind as per request by Pudulogong Rehabilitation and development Trust (Work completed- Nov. to Dec 2017). Also was involved in developing the Early Childhood Diploma and Degree programmes for BOSA BOSELE (BQA accredited programmes). April 2015 to November 2015



AEB211: Educational Psychology

AEB419: Philosophy of Education

AEB425: Management of Agricultural Enterprises in Schools

AEB421: Research Methods in Education

APB410/420 Research Project



AEE603 Educational Statistics

AEE 604 Seminars series in Agricultural Education

AEE 608 Adult Education in Agriculture

AEE 602 Research Methods in Education

AEE700 MSC Research Proposal Development

AEE701 MSC Dissertation


Refereed Scholarly/Scientific Journal Articles

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Published Book

Mabusa, K. (2007). Agriculture (PSLE Made Easy). Gaborone, Botswana: Heinemann. ISBN 97899912 519-43


Submitted proposal on a project titled ‘’ FASTER BOTSWANA’’ aimed at systematically providing a framework for identification of community-oriented problems, problem solving as well as packaging and communicating research outputs.

Leading negotiations for a collaborative project with the Gaborone City Council that targets to address out of school youth: Aim of which is to contribute in curbing juvenile delinquencies amongst other social ills. Project has potential to be cascaded to all councils in Botswana