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Thato Pholele


Thato Pholele

Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Sciences
Department of Physical and Chemical Sciences (PCS)

+267 3650127
  • M.Sc topic: Analysis of Dual mode Dielectric Loaded Cavity Filter (inter-cavity coupling)


  • M.Sc in Electronic Systems, University of the Botswana (2010), Botswana.
  • B.Ed (Science), University of the Botswana (2004), Botswana.

Professional Societies

  • Botswana Physics Association


  • Applied Electric and Magnetic fields
  • Newtonian Mechanics
  • Optics


  • Distributed element filters (dielectric loaded cavity filters), coupling of electric and magnetic fields, the use of ICT in education and Agriculture

Potential Research topics 

  • Solar energy


The effects of differently positioned and combined apertures on the magnitudes of electric coupling coefficients of two identical combline resonators are analysed. Coupling coefficient, k-vertical symmetry provides greater negative coupling for apertures less than 50 % opening on the common wall. Combined apertures do not enhance electric coupling. The Γ aperture annihilates electric coupling, whereas T shaped aperture provides reduced negative coupling coefficients compared to single apertures that make up the combination.