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Dr Nelson Tselaesele


Dr Nelson Tselaesele

Senior Lecture


Private Bag 0027 Gaborone

Senior Lecturer in the Department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development. Completed a BA in Sociology and Public Administration from the University of Botswana, an MSc in Management of Agricultural Knowledge Systems from Wageningen Agricultural University (WAU) and a PhD graduate in the area of Agribusiness from the University of Queensland (Australia).


A team member in the capacity-building component of the Pandamatenga Arable Farms Infrastructure Development Consultancy awarded BCA Consult (Pty) Ltd,  by the Department of Crop Production in the Ministry of Agriculture. Led a team of consultants under BCA Consult (Pty) Ltd to conduct the study titled: “Socio-Economic Study of Nxaraga Farm in Ngamiland District” for Local Enterprise Authority (LEA). He was also a member of the consulting team which conducted a Feasibility Study for Leupane Farm for LEA. He was also involved in a United Nations Development Programme under the Poverty-Environment Initiative (UNDP-PEI) where they provided consultancy services on Poverty and Social Impact Analysis of ISPAAD. In all these consultancies, his task was among others to apply participatory methodologies to gather agricultural knowledge and information from different stakeholders such as SWOT analysis, Rapid Appraisal of Agricultural Knowledge (RAAK), Stakeholder Analysis, Participatory Needs Assessment, Focus Group Discussions and other methodologies.

AEB 217 Agricultural Cooperative Development

AEB 231 Extension Communication and Teaching Methods

AEB 232 Extension Administration and Supervision

AEB 233 Adult Education and Community Development

AEB 321 Human Resource Management

AEB 317 Introduction to Rural Sociology

AEB 329 Leadership and Group Dynamics in Extension

AEE 601 Administration and Supervision of Agricultural Education Programmes

Youth in Agriculture, Indigenous Local Knowledge in Agriculture, Rural Development

National Ecosystems Assessment Project