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Madibela O.R.


Madibela O.R.


Faculty of Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Department of Animal Sciences

Private Bag 0027 GABORONE

Ruminant Nutrition. BSc Agric. (Ani Sci.) (UZ) 1989, PGD (Ani Nutri) Aberdeen Uni) 1993, MSc (Aberdeen Uni) 1994, PhD (Lincoln University, New Zealand) 2010 and PGD Education Leadership & Mgmt (Baisago Uni.) 2015

11years in Research and Development and 11years of Teaching and Research at Higher Education



Royal Society of New Zealand, Canterbury Branch Travel Award 2008, Desmond Tutu Footprints Leadership Award 2002, Cochran Training Fellowship 2001, Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) for Journalist of the Year Award 2000, Innovation for Development Association award 1999; British Government Technical Cooperation Training award. 


Professional Members

British Society of Animal Science, South African Society for Animal Science, All African Society for Animal Production.



Principles of Animal Nutrition (ASB 326), Digestive Physiology & Metabolism (ASM611); Mineral, Vitamin and Nitrogen Metabolism (ASM622).




  • Nutrition and parasite interactions
  • Nutrition and reproduction interactions
  • Characterization of local feeds
  • Rumen Environment
  • Indigenous knowledge
  • Science, Policy, Educational Methods and Evaluation