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Dr. Molebeledi H.D Mareko


Dr. Molebeledi H.D Mareko

Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Department of Animal Sciences

Private Bag 0027 GABORONE

BSc (UB), MSc (Lincoln University, New Zealand), PhD (Nottingham)

6years in Research and Development, 4years in Retail and Wholesaling industry, and 11years of Teaching and Research at Higher Education

Introduction to Animal Science (ASB 210)

Meat Science (ASB 321)

Sheep & Goat Production (ASB 423)

Livestock Product Processing (ASB 424)


Research Interest;

  • Muscle/Meat Biochemistry
  • Meat Production and Processing
  • Nutrition/meat/carcass quality interaction
  • Edible Meat Offal Utilization
  • Traditional/Novel meats