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Dr J Moreki


Dr J Moreki

Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Department of Animal Sciences

Private Bag 0027 GABORONE

BSc (Agric) (University of Botswana; Master of Applied Science in Agriculture (University of Melbourne, Australia); Ph.D. in Animal Science (Poultry nutrition) University of the Free State, South Africa)

25 years field (extension) and four (4) years academic experience.


  • Poultry nutrition and management, bone development and carcass evaluation of guinea fowl and/or other emerging poultry species, as well as, pigs.
  • Insects and worms as alternative sources of protein for poultry
  • Family poultry as a HIV/AIDS mitigation strategy.
  • Ethnoveterinary medicine to promote health of family poultry.