Vallantino Erone Emongor


Vallantino Erone Emongor


Faculty of Agriculture
Department of Crop and Soil Sciences (CSS)

Private Bag 0027 Gaborone, Botswana.

Professor Emongor is a trained and qualified agricultural scientist with 33 years of experience in agricultural extension, research, and university teaching and supervision of undergraduate and graduate students, plus coordination of graduate studies. He has developed various innovative technologies through research. These include among others: use of benzyladenine as a chemical thinner in apples (Canada); introduced growing of chamomile in Kenya and grapes growing in the drier parts of Kenya (Kibwezi and Kitui) through restricted irrigation and severe pruning at crucial developmental stage; drying of mango fruit in Kenya at the climacteric minimum  stage as a snack (GtZ project);  development and rapid multiplication of cassava germplasm resistant to different strains of cassava mosaic virus (ACMV, EACMV and EACMV-UgV in Western  and Rift Valley Provinces of Kenya); use of treated secondary sewage effluent from Gaborone Treatment Plant for growing of agronomic and horticultural crops; and currently in the process of introducing safflower into the cropping of Botswana. Currently promoting the growing of safflower as part of smart climate agriculture for food security and improving livelihoods of Batswana. Safflower is a multipurpose oil crop that is drought, heat, cold and saline tolerant crop that is neglected and underutilized despite its many beneficial uses.

Professor Emongor teaches and supervises both undergraduate and postgraduate students. He teaches the following courses: postharvest physiology, pomology, floriculture, and plant propagation.

Professor Emongor is actively involved in research in the following disciplines postharvest physiology of horticultural crops, crop management, water stress physiology, irrigation water quality, fruit set physiology and its control, and plant mineral nutrition of fruit trees and vines. He has supervised and graduated 19 MSc and two PhD students as Main-Supervisor; Published two books, three book chapters, 69 scientific papers in peer review journals, 16 scientific papers in peer reviewed proceedings, 14 manuscripts in scientific conferences, several abstracts and extension bulletins. He is also involved in external examination in regional universities and reviewer of scientific papers in local, regional, and international journals. Since joining BCA, now BUAN Professor Emongor has attracted funding of US $ 300,000 (RUFORUM- CARP+/02 of 2019-2024 to train four MSc students, one PhD student and 10 TVET students), US$ 60,000 (RUFORUM project 2014-2017- project has trained two MSc students in BUAN) and Euros 98,074 EU-BCA Bambara Groundnut Research Project (BAMB Link- with Prof. Abu Sesay and others). Sewage water project that evaluated the suitability of the treated sewage effluent from Gaborone Treatment Plant (GTP) for irrigation (Funded by Research and Publications-BCA- 2004-2012, BWP 523,446.9). While at the University of Nairobi Professor Emongor attracted US $ 80,000 for development and multiplication of cassava germplasm free from cassava mosaic virus for Western Kenya (funded by Rockefeller Foundation) and US$ 200,000 in collaboration with Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) Scientists for the development cassava germplasm free from cassava mosaic virus (funded by world bank). Currently, Professor Emongor won a competitive RUFORUM grant funded by Mastercard Foundation to the tune of US $300,000 to train four MSc students and one PhD student in BUAN, plus 10 students in TVET students. He is currently researching on enhancing safflower production and product development in Botswana.

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