Dr. Gilbert Kabelo Gaboutloeloe


Dr. Gilbert Kabelo Gaboutloeloe

Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Agriculture
Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering(ABE)

Private Bag 0027 Gaborone

PhD in Biosystems Engineering Science (Washington State University, USA), 2006.
Msc (Soil conservation and Land Reclamation engineering), 1995
BSc in Agriculture (University of Botswana), 1992.
PhD topic: Wastewater treatment using vegetated submerged bed constructed wetlands for nitrogen removal
30 years of Academic experience


Research interest

Environmental protection

Water management

Decision support tools (E-Tools)

Wastewater treatment, disposal and reuse

ELB 211 Soil and Water Conservation
ELB 424 Groundwater Hydrology
AEL 632 Land Drainage and Reclamation
AEL 625 Agricultural Waste Management

Land cover land use changes effects on hydrology and water quality

Wastewater treatment and re-use

Environmental Pollution

Land cover land use changes impacts on Metsimotlhabe watershed

Conservation Agriculture suitability in Botswana

Wastewater Treatment, Reuse and disposal Research Agenda Formulation

Sekwati-Monang B., Gaboutloeloe K.G., Likuku S.A. (2018) Investigation of Heavy Metal Hazards Status and Their Potential Health Risks in Vegetables Irrigated with Treated Wastewater in Oodi Gardens. In: Ramasami P., Gupta Bhowon M., Jhaumeer Laulloo S., Li Kam Wah H. (eds) Emerging Trends in Chemical Sciences. ICPAC 2016. Springer, Cham

Bedi, K., Kayombo B., Patrick C., and G.K. Gaboutloeloe (2016) The Influence of Soil Surface Conditions and Rainfall Intensity on Runoff Generation Potential in Semiarid Botswana. International Journal of Plant and Soil Science 13 (1) 1-7 DOI: 10.9734/IJPSS/2016/27719

Likuku, A.S., K.B. Mmolawa, and G.K. Gaboutloeloe (2013) Assessment of Heavy Metal Enrichment and Degree of Contamination Around the Copper-Nickle Mine in the Selebi Phikwe Region, Eastern Botswana. Environmental Ecology Research 1 (2): 32-40, DOI: 10.13189/eer.2013.010202

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Kayombo, B and Gaboutloeloe, G K. (2007) Farmers’ knowledge and perceptions of erosion by wind in south western Kgalagadi, Botswana. Bots. J. Agric. Appl. Sci.  Vol 3 (2): pp 178-185

Gaboutloeloe, G.K., P. Monageng, O Dikinya and B.P. Parida (2006) Evaluation of temporal and spatial distribution of rainfall erosivity in Botswana. Indian Journal of Landscape systems and ecological studies Vol. 29 (1) pp 1-6.

Kayombo B., Meulenberg F., Moganane B.G., Dikinya, O., Aliwa J.N., Nsinamwa M., Gaboutloeloe G.K, Patrick C. Mzuku M., Machacha S. (2005). Characterization of Agriculture-related land degradation in eastern and western parts of Botswana. Botswana Journal of Technology. Vol. 14 (1) pp 1-10.


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