Mrs Omphile Patricia Puku


Mrs Omphile Patricia Puku


Faculty of Agriculture
Department of Food Science and Technology

Private Bag 0027, Gaborone.
+267 3650368

Academic Qualifications 

  • MSc: Food Science and Technology (Curtin University of Technology), 2018. 
  • BSc Food Science Nutrition and Technology (University of Swaziland), 2010. 
  • Dip Home Economics (University of Swaziland), 2007. 

Research Interests

  • Food safety/hygiene  
  • New product development using indigenous foods. 
  • Food microbiology 
  • Food biotechnology 

Food Microbiology (FSB 310), Cereal Grain Science and Technology (ELB 413), Food and Human Nutrition (FSB 311), Food Biotechnology (FSB 420), Dairy Science and Technology (ASB 432) and Introduction to Food Science, Technology (FSB 223). 

Evaluation of bacteriological status of beef carcasses at non-export slaughter facilities

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