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Dr K Kgosikoma


Dr K Kgosikoma

Seniour Lecturer

Faculty of Agri-Business, Education and Extension
Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics

Private bag 0027 Gaborone

Keneilwe Kgosikoma holds a PhD in Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics from Michigan State University in Michigan, USA. She has research interests in climate change, food security and sustainability, ecosystem services and environmental management.  She has a keen interest in corporate sustainability and environmental and social impact assessment and is currently engaged in pursuing personal development in these two areas. Dr Kgosikoma’s interest in sustainability, particularly in the livestock sector, saw her undertake the role of individual country consultant for United Nations Environmental Economic Commission for Africa (ECA).  This was a regional study on "Fostering sustainable transformation of agriculture in Africa through inclusive green economy: The case of the livestock value chain in Southern Africa (Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe) with the aim of drawing recommendations to facilitate sustainable transformation along different value chains, including the dairy value chain. 

Dr Kgosikoma has excellent research skills, particularly in the areas of non-market valuation, and socio-economic analysis. She has worked in internationally funded SASSCAL research, assessing the market potential and prospects of indigenous fruit trees, namely kgengwe, and morama, with the objective of encouraging the communities where these resources are abundant to commercially produce these otherwise climate tolerant production inputs for sustained household income and food security. She was involved in community capacity building in product marketing and pricing under the same project. Currently, she is part of a research team exploring the development and utilization of camel milk and camel milk products, with the main objective of growing the knowledge base for the potential for the use of camels and camel products as an adaptation strategy to climate change.



Intermediate Microeconomics (AEB 226) Semester 2

Environmental Economics (AEB 310) Semester 1

Price analysis (AEB 312) Semester 1

Farm Business Management (AEB 322) Semester 2

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Genomic, meat yield, carcass quality and economic profiles of smallholder village goat populations of South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe: Opportunities of optimal production under low input production systems. August 2021 – December 2024. Funded through Agricultural Research Council (ARC)/ SADC. Role: Economic analysis of the goat value chain.