Othusitse R. Madibela


Othusitse R. Madibela


Faculty of Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Department of Animal Science and Production

+267 3650 225

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https://orcid.org/ 0000-0003-0450-3505
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BSc Agriculture (Animal Science; University of Zimbabwe; Zimbabwe), PGradDip (Animal Nutrition; Aberdeen University; Scotland), MSc (Animal Nutrition; Aberdeen University; Scotland), PhD (Animal Science; Lincoln University, New Zealand) PGradDip (Education Leadership & Management; Baisago University, Botswana)

Royal Society of New Zealand, Canterbury Branch Travel Award 2008, Desmond Tutu Footprints Leadership Award 2002, Cochran Training Fellowship 2001, Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) for Journalist of the Year Award 2000, Innovation for Development Association award 1999; British Government Technical Cooperation Training award.

Professional Members
British Society of Animal Science, South African Society for Animal Science, All African Society for Animal Production.

Principles of Animal Nutrition (ASB 326), Animal Nutrition and Range Management (ASB216); BSc Research Project (APB410/420); Digestive Physiology & Metabolism (ASM611); Mineral, Vitamin and Nitrogen Metabolism (ASM622).

Interest Characterization of local feed resources; Use of wild legumes and weeds as potential feeds of the future; Nutrition/parasites interactions in ruminants; Nutrition/reproduction interactions; efficient use of protein in low quality feeds; effects of tanniferous plants and essential oils on rumen methane yield; evaluation of student performance; alternative animal species (donkey and camel) for food production.

1. Evaluation of different variety of malted sorghum as energy sources in poultry diets – 2017 Funded by BUAN Research, Technology Development & Transfer Committee. P 826 500 [Supporting two MSc Students]

2. Livelihood diversifying potential of camel based food security and climate-smart sustainable development in Botswana – 2019 Funded by BUAN Research, Technology Development & Transfer Committee; in phases; so far P250 000

3. The potential role of indigenous plants in controlling internal worms of smallstock for increased productivity and household income – HRDC funded project 2014, P50 000 [Supporting one MSc Student]

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