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Professor Witness Mojeremane


Professor Witness Mojeremane

Head of Department

Faculty of Natural Resources
Department of Range and Forest Resources (RFR)

Private Bag 0027 Gaborone
+267 365 0130/763 20640
  • PhD in Ecology and Resources Management, The University of Edinburgh, 2009.
  • PhD topic: Effects of site preparation for afforestation on soil properties and greenhouse gas emission.
  • MSc in Tropical Environmental Forestry, University of Wales, Bangor, 2002.
  • BSc (Honours) in Forestry, University of Wales, Bangor, 1999.
  • Diploma in Human Resources Management, Botswana College of Distance and Open Learning (2013).
  • Diploma in Forestry, Lesotho Agricultural College, Maseru, Lesotho, 1989.


CSD214 - Forest and Range Policy and Administration

CSD311 - Forest Fire and Other Damaging Factors

CSP610 - Integrated Natural Resources Management.


  1. National survey of diversity, importance, host-specificity, and negative impacts of mistletoes in Botswana; and
  2. Livelihood diversifying potential of camel based food security and climate-smart sustainable development in Botswana.