Tebogo Bruce Seleka


Tebogo Bruce Seleka

Associate Professor

Faculty of Agri-Business, Education and Extension
Agricultural and Applied Economics

Private Bag 0027 Gaborone
+267 77555965

Academic Qualification

  • PhD, Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University, 1996 (Dissertation: Farm-Households and the Measurement of Economic Surplus: An Analysis of the Distribution of U.S. Corn Program Benefits among Farm Household).
  • MS, Agricultural Economics, Oklahoma State University, 1991 (Thesis: Foreign Market Potential Analysis: A Case Study with An Econometric Analysis of Total and Import Demand for Beef (Fresh, Chilled and Frozen) In Hong Kong).
  • BS, Agricultural Economics, Oklahoma State University, 1988
  • Diploma, General Agriculture, University of Swaziland, 1983.


Professional Experience

Tebogo Bruce Seleka is an Associate Professor of Agricultural and Applied Economics. He has over 20 years of Executive and Senior Management experience in academic and policy research institutions, and over 25 years of post-PhD public policy research experience. He served as an Executive Director at the Botswana Institute for Development Policy Analysis for 10 years between 2010 and 2020 and as a Senior Research Fellow and Head of the Incomes, Welfare and Poverty Unit in the same institution between 2004 and 2010. He also held the position of Head of Department of Agricultural Economics, Education and Extension at the Botswana College of Agriculture (then Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Botswana) between 1998 and 2004, and as a Senior Lecturer (2001-2004) and Lecturer (1996-2001) of Agricultural Economics at the same institution. He was a Teaching/Research Assistant at Cornell University (1992-1995), Graduate Research Assistant at Oklahoma state University (1990-1991), and an Assistant Agricultural Economist at the Ministry of Agriculture (Division of Planning and Statistics) in Botswana (1988-1989).

Research Interests

  • Public policy, including agricultural policy.
  • Welfare economics, with focus on analysis of impact of agricultural policies
  • Development economics, with focus on poverty, social protection and benefit incidence analysis.
  • International trade, with focus on agricultural trade 
  • Production economics                        

Previous Courses

  • Production Economics (AEB 422)
  • Agricultural Policy (AEB 412)
  • Price Analysis (AEB 312)
  • Quantitative Management Techniques (AEE 422)
  • Agricultural Prices and Marketing (AEE 212)
  • Introduction to Agricultural Economics (AEE 211)

Current Courses

  • Intermediate Econometrics (AEB 426)
  • Labour Economics (AEB 324)
  • Impact of agriculture input subsidies and their cost effectiveness.
  • Competitiveness of agricultural trade.
  • Poverty, social protection
  • Benefit incidence analysis of social programs
  • Disincentive effects of public transfer programs on agriculture.
  • Welfare and health inequality.

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