Mr. Topoyame I. Makoi


Mr. Topoyame I. Makoi

Senior Instructor

Faculty of Natural Resources
Department of Range and Forest Resources (RFR)

Private Bag 0027 Gaborone
+267 72 649 156
  • BSc in Land Management - North West University (South Africa)
  • Master of Environmental Science (Geographic Information Science and Environmental Management) – The University of Western Australia (Australia)

  • Understanding Carbon-dioxide fluxes and their major environmental drivers from a typical Western Australian “wheatbelt” cropping system – Masters Research Project (UWA).
  • Cultivation, value addition and marketing of climate smart emerging crops to improve food security in Botswana - SASSCAL Task 335 (BUAN)
  • Pathways to restoration of degraded Kazuma Forest Reserve – RPC Project (BUAN)
  • Collection, morphological, physiological and molecular characterisations and conservation of cowpea landraces (cultivated and wild) found in Botswana - RPC Project (BUAN)

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